Inventory Management


  • Prepared and implemented new written inventory procedures that ensured accurate documentation of the physical count. The counting process required two individuals – one to perform the count and one to handle the recording – and formal check-in/check- out procedures were established to provide assurance that the physical inventory was being taken in an accurate manner throughout the day.


  • Designed and implemented a new accounting system and procedures to maintain a perpetual inventory.  Procedures included a new inventory item structure and accounts payable process to ensure purchases were properly recorded.

Accounts Receivable Management


  • Implemented new procedures for follow-up and collections that reduced a company’s day’s sales outstanding (DSO) by 10 days.  These procedures included analyzing customer records and developing metrics such as which customers were buying more than one product or which customers had not acquired any product in the past 30-45 days.

Due Diligence


  • Performed financial due diligence and compiled a report that analyzed several years of historical information and identified key findings in a number of areas including, accounting and financial reporting under GAAP, customer concentrations and revenue trends, seasonality of the business, and adequacy of insurance coverage.  Also organized and managed the data room.


  • Designed and implemented a due diligence support process that entailed 11 high-speed copiers and production of duplicate records for review by contractors.  The process included organizing thousands of paper files, removing paper clips, staples, post-it notes and other attachments to facilitate duplication.  Every step in the process was documented to protect the legal chain of custody over the documents.

Accounting Records Cleanup


  • Reconciled intercompany accounts for a company with ten different entities that had not previously been reconciled. The reconciliation process involved exporting and analyzing hundreds of thousands of records from their accounting system.


  • A company converted to a new accounting system.  The conversion process was not well managed and their accounts receivable records were in disarray.  Analyzed the data, separating valid receivable transactions from invalid transactions and reconciled the accounts receivable balances that enabled a company to send customer statements and collect their money in a timely fashion.

Accounting System Design and Implementation


  • Designed a new system and chart of accounts and job cost structure that eliminated the need for multiple sets of books and helped the company establish improved accounting policies and procedures.  We also exported several years of data from their old system and imported into their new set of books so that the new books had all their historical data from inception.


  • Designed a new accounting system and chart of accounts that provided greater insight into the profitability of the company’s business, and developed an excel-based template that enabled them to export data from their third party vendor and import the 1,000-3,000 records weekly into their new accounting system.  We were also able to export all the historica data for 14 years from their old accounting system and import into their new system thus giving them a new accounting system with all their historical records from inception.

Success Stories


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