Accounting and Finance Services

Our accounting and finance services solutions eliminate paperwork, streamline AP, AR and cash flow management and will free you to focus on growing your business.  From fractional CFO to basic bookkeeping support, we will exceed your expectations and produce results you can count on.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your invoices taking too long to send out?

  • Are you experiencing surprises when you call your customers who express problem you did not even know existed?

  • Is it taking way too long to get paid from your customers?

  • Is management of your payables a paperwork nighmare?

  • Do you have a good handle on what needs to be paid and when?

  • Do you have good accounting practices in place and are you receiving timely and accurate financial information?

With Safima you will get answers to these questions and much much more.


        Bookkeeping & General Accounting

  • Data entry of payables, cash and credit card activity

  • Bank, credit card and other account reconciliations

  • Month-end closing entries

  • Determination of accruals and required journal entries

  • Reconciliation of AR and AP including walks and reconciliation of activity 

  • Physical inventory and reconciliation of results to the general ledger

  • Reconciliation of fixed assets and depreciation

  • Loan analysis and reconcilation to amoritization tables

  • Reconcilation of payroll liability accounts

         AR & AP Management

  • Data entry of payables, cash and credit card activity

  • Bank, credit card and other account reconciliations

  • Month-end closing entries

  • Data entry of payables, cash and credit card activity

  • Bank, credit card and other account reconciliations

  • Month-end closing entries


         Specialized Accounting Support


  • Sarbane-Oxley Act 404 compliance

  • Goodwill and other intangible asset impairment evaluation

  • Preparation of application of US GAAP memos and reports

         CFO Services

  • Assurance to stakeholders (owners, other shareholders, banks, etc.) that an experienced professional is overseeing, protecting and constantly improving the financial side of your business.

  • Provide oversight and guidance to all back-office functions

  • Being a liaison with bankers, attorneys, vendors, insurance agents, etc.

  • Development of GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) programs

  • Due Diligence, business valuation and other mergers and acquisition assistance

  • Preparation of business plans, marketing plans, budgets and forecasts

  • Management of working capital, including receivables collection policies and procedures, and management of payables

  • Development of accounting and other company policies and procedures manuals

  • Assistance in obtaining financing from banks or other financial intermediaries, including assistance with negotiations

  • Financial analyses and other support required to help you better understand the financial side of your business

Transaction Services

Safima’s Preacquisition Services can help you achieve your deal objectives. Whether you are on the sell side or buy side, we will help you and your other advisors by providing:

  • Timely and robust financial due diligence

  • Data Room Management

  • Analysis of synergy opportunities and other quality of earnings assessments

  • Accounting records cleanup and preparation for audit, including drafting accounting position papers


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Now that you have completed your acquisition let us put our experienced team to work helping you achieve your transaction goals. Post-acquisition services can include:

  • Acquisition integration​

  • Development and implementation of synergy plans to realize the results you expected from the acquisition​

  • Accounting policies and procedures​

  • SOX compliance and implementation​

  • Analysis of the impact of forthcoming accounting changes, including revenue recognition and lease accounting​

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Managment Consulting

Safima is a new kind of management consulting company that is earning its reputation by being an innovative leader in helping small and medium-sized businesses solve their toughest challenges - in Finance and beyond.  We help companies achieve higher performance levels that create sustainable value for themselves, their customers and their stakeholders.

In addition to finance and accounting, and transaction services, the following are representative of the other areas in which we can bring expertise and assistance.


         Project Management

There have been many articles written about why projects fail, but the overriding reasons include:

  • Scope creep

  • Misallocation of resources

  • Poor communications

  • Unsupported project culture

  • Lack of monitoring and accountability

We provide focused and resourceful leadership to help your project succeed.  Among the projects for which we have experience include:

  • Accounting system selection

  • Design and implementation of an accounting system, from design of the chart of accounts, to development of an item master for managing a perpetual inventory system

  • Expert at exporting and importing of historical transactions into QuickBooks or Sage 50

  • Integration of sales and use tax compliance software

         Forensic Investigations

If you have a particular accounting challenge, you will find there is no one better or faster than Safima when it comes to

  • Identifying the cause of the financial problem and recommending corrective action

  • Determining the true extent of any losses suffered

  • Quantifying the effect of the problem

  • Formulating strategies to ensure the problem does not recur and minimizing the effect of the issue going forward

  • Assisting in making any recoveries that may be practical under the circumstances

  • Liaising with regulators and prosecutors in the conduct of their enquiries or investigations

  • Determining the true financial position of a business

  • Preparing and submitting expert reports and explaining our findings to courts and juries


         Document Management

Safima's file sync and share system:

  • A cloud-based system to collect and organize all your documents from vendors and customers.

  • Sync your documents to others in real time for collaboration and sharing

  • Backed up nightly, your files are always safe and secure


Assistance in finding a more advanced system​ for greater control:

  • Access Controls

  • Archiving and retention

  • Compliance Management

  • Document conversion

  • Document assembly and indexing

  • Electronic signature

  • OCR and Full text search


         Human Resources


When you partner with Safima you will also be working with our integrated partners that provide essential human capital solutions that enhance your ability to stay focused and competitive.  These services can be provided through a complete turn-key package or you may choose the services that fit your immediate need.  Watch this 2-minute video to see if this applies to your organization:.

  • Payroll

  • ACA (Health Care Reform) compliance and administration

  • HR management and administration

  • Risk management and workers' compensation administration

  • Training and your own customized eLearning portal




Employee training will save you money.  Training will improve moral, increase productivity and reduce mistakes.  Unhappy employees that make mistakes or create inefficiencies will cause you to lose customers.  We can help you develop customized training for your employees. Though Safima University, we can help you develop instructor-led training or provide you access to our innovative and completely customizable e-Learning portal.

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

  • Communications

  • Business Planning

  • Administrative

  • Computer courses such as Excel

  • Quickbooks

  • Sage 50