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Private Equity

Our Commitment:

  • To always put your interests first

  • We will exceed your expectations

  • We will deliver more value than you pay for

  • And we will conduct ourselves with he highest degree of integrity.

We can partner with you throughout the entire investment cycle.  From financial due diligence to post-acquisition value creation, we will help you develop strategic blueprints for your acquired companies that align with management strategic priorities, balancing strong EBITDA growth with prudent controls and compliance.  Our approach is one of collaboration and communication.  The last step in the investment lifecycle is divestiture/exit.  We will help you with sell-side due diligence and exit strategy, whether if be via an IPO, strategic acquisition or secondary sale.


For your portfolio companies we can provide

  • Finance and accounting services - From CFO support to general accounting, we can ensure you received accurate and timely financial information each month.  We can also help you established uniform accounting practices across your portfolio and leverage your accounting staff to improve profitability.  In addition, we will ensure the information provided to you will be the type of information that will eventually be required when you want to sell a company.  In this way, when that time comes, you will have solid historical information that will be necessary to ensure you get the best price possible. 

  • Litigation support - if you have litigation to defend, we can provide support to your legal team that includes accounting analysis, damage claim assessment, assistance in preparing expert witnesses and providing other supporting documentation required by counsel or its experts. 

For target investments we can  provide;

  • Financial due diligence - Because of our business and accounting experience we will provide focused and efficient due diligence services.  We can also help you with dataroom management, and other transaction support services.  In addition we can provide a synergy or other analysis to help you in your evaluation of a target.

  • Post acquisition  - We will help you with integration and ensuring that the acquired company's accounting policies and procedures are consistent and applied in accordance with you overall policies and procedures.

At the intersection of your most important business functions

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