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There is no substitute for working with an advisor with hands-on experience with your industry.  We have a deep understanding of the following industries and the skills needed to help you achieve your objectives.  These are all examples of industries for which we have provided finance and accounting, project management, transaction or litigation support services.

Real Estate Developers, Managers, Lessors & Others

Our clients have included nationally recognized home builders, regional home builders, commercial real estate developers, developers of master planned communities, single family home rental operators, REITs, syndicators and many others. ​

Private Equity

We can partner with you throughout the entire investment cycle.  From financial due diligence to post-acquisition value creation, we will help you develop strategic blueprints for your acquired companies that align with management strategic priorities, balancing strong EBITDA growth with prudent controls and compliance.  Our approach is one of collaboration and communication.  The last step in the investment lifecycle is divestiture/exit.  We will help you with sell-side due diligence and exit strategy, whether if be via an IPO, strategic acquisition or secondary sale.

Venture Capitalist

From strategic projects such as developing business plans, cash flow financial models and due diligence materials to helping their portfolio companies with finance and accounting support, we have have helped a number of venture capitalist get the information they need to make intelligent decision concerning their investments.

Family Offices

Our clients have included nationally recognized home builders, regional home builders, commercial real estate developers, developers of master planned communities, single family home rental operators, REITs, syndicators and many others. Our services to these clients have included, among others, the following:​

Construction Contractors

Construction accounting is complex.  Its project-based, production is decentralized (it happens at job sites), and contracts are long-term with extended payments.  Our industry-focused support has helped a number of clients navigate the challenges they faced.  These services have included strategic planning, WIP analysis month-end closing process and accounting policies and procedures.


Manufacturers have unique financial and accounting challenges.  From inventory management, standard costing, variance analysis, to budgeting and cash forecasting.  We love to work with manufacturing companies and will provide thoughtful and resourceful solutions to help you.

Public Accounting Firms

When your clients need help that you cannot provide, we can be a valuable resource.  With our many years in public accounting, combined with our business and consulting experience, we have worked with both local and national CPA firms to help them with their clients or prospective clients.

Turnaround firms

How to turn financial challenges into opportunities for business renewal is the challenge of Turnaround Firms.  With our business and financial background, we will help you obtain valuable insight to achieve effective outcomes for your clients, creditors and equity holders.  Whether the goal is to enhance performance of a healthy company or help stakeholders through a complex reorganization, we will work closely with you to quickly understand the business and most urgent issues.


& Powersports

We provided due diligence and other M&A support in connection with the $575 million acquisition of the largest powersports retailer group in the U.S.  This acquisition created the first Omnichannel marketplace platform in the powersports industry.  We also provided services to an automobile dealership that have included finance and accounting support, physical inventory policies and procedures, and sell-side accounting support for the dealership that was acquired by a national consolidator.

Retail & Wholesale Trade

Whether it is bricks & mortar, e-commerce or any other channel of retail or wholesale product sales, we have extensive experience in these industries. Our experience includes working with (i) a boutique internet retailer selling high-end beverage & kitchen accessories, (ii) a store front & internet retailer of better quality bikes & accessories, (iii) a wholesaler of home textile products to mass merchandisers, (iv) an internet retailer selling celebrity branded house wares,  and (v) the nation’s 2nd largest leased department selling jewelry, watches, fragrances & collectibles thru discount retailer outlets.


We have served numerous clients in the communications industry whether they have delivered their services thru wires, wireless, WI-FI, satellite, antenna, ship-borne, land based and any other means except for “tin cans & strings”. Our client base has included, among others, (a) an international supplier of communication, entertainment and networking services primarily to cruise ships, commercial shipping vessels, private yachts & other water borne vessels, (b) a national provider of mobile networks, (c) an internet services provider for social media in Asia and (d) a telecom & broadband services provider for Caribbean islands

Other Industries

Our clients over the many years have included just about every type of business from the eclectic to the downright usual. In this category, we include the following: (I) Quick Service (QSR) Restaurants  (II) manufacturer of aircraft cabin interior products, (III) a creative media & direct response ad agency, (IV) solar energy systems contractor for SF homes, (V) financial services company providing alternative assets retirement funds, (VI) biotech company focused on developing novel medicines for certain diseases/conditions, (VII) Pharmaceutical ingredient company providing tailored API products and CDMO services and (VIII) international water solutions company, supplying potable water, treating water for reuse, and manufacturing and providing water-related products and services; (IX) fitness clubs; (X) professional soccer team participating in the United Soccer League; (XI) manufacturer of packaging materials; (XII) an international collections agency; and (XIV) a company that provides background and screening services.

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