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Litigation Support

Expertise yoiu can count on

We predominantly provide services to defense counsel in civil matters. In this capacity, we usually are not "Expert Witnesses" and we provide our services on a “Privileged and Confidential” basis to the attorneys. Our specialty is the aggressive attack against monetary damage claims whether presented in $ amounts, theory or otherwise. Services we provide typically include the following:

  • Accounting analysis

  • Forensic accounting investigations

  • Valuation of property matters

  • Evaluation of damages

  • Assist in the preparation of Expert Witnesses

Our Commitment:

  • We will always put your interests first

  • We will exceed your expectations

  • We will deliver more value than you pay for

  • We will conduct ourselves with the highest degree of integrity.

Forensic Data Analytics


As the complexity of organizations increase and the volumes of data become greater, the need for a forensic approach to extract data from disparate systems, convert them into a consolidated data information system that can then be analyzed has become increasingly necessary.  But it is not only having the technical ability to harness and structure the data in a timely and efficient manner that is important.  What sets us apart is our experience. Because of our unique business and professional skills, we use cluster analysis techniques that will make comparisons, summaries and aggregations that detect anomalies, patterns and trends that will provide the answers you are looking for in a cost-effective, concise manner.

Dispute Analysis & Investigation


From discovery to trial preparation, we will provide you with clear and concise analysis supporting any research or forensic investigations,.  Because of our long business and professional experience, we will provide findings and assessments in a way that provide valuable support to strategic planning and settlement negotiations.


We can provide financial statement analysis and identify potential GAAP deficiencies.  The significance of GAAP topics currently under deliberation have the potential to result in a period of unprecedented change, and the implementation of these accounting changes throughout an organization may require significant time and resources.  We understand these issues and can provide cost-effective analysis and draft GAAP accounting position papers.

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